Coaching for Parents

Stay in control of your emotions

Nowadays life it's a challenge! Parents have to work and be good professionals, Parents have to be the good lovers to be happy and create a good environment at home, Parents must have time for themselves and in top of that Parents have to be good parents.

It's essencial to create priorities to manage time and emotions. If Parents don't control these two major things how they will control their kids???? 

Do you have any of these problems? Controlling your time or your emotions?

Let's work together to create a better relationship with the most importante person in you life.....


Each session has the duration of 50 min. Presencial  or Video Call, it will depend in which part of the world you and me are.

What DO we work

- In a better relationship with your kid

- Be more efficient with your time

- Be motivated to do family programs

- Be enthusiastic with your life

- Be in control of emotions

- Overcoming traumas


Through exercises of coaching and breath working parents will develop a better relationship with their kids to live with more harmony.

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