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As a Teenagers Coach I’m dedicate my work to help young surfers to develop a strong mindset and go through any challenge of their carrier. Combining surf life experience and coaching techniques, I will work besides surf trainers and rise the level of preparation of their Surf Groms. 

The hardest part of the competition is not the surfing itself. It is the pressure of the environment, parents and trainers are present expecting to see wins. Plus the waiting and the social buzz around the athlete's area is energy consuming. Most of the kids are overwhelmed just before getting in the water for the heat. Most of the heats are won or lost before the heat even starts. Mental preparation is essencial. Therefore, having a strong mindset is a MUST if you want to be in the top level of surfing. 



Each session has the duration of 1 hour. Presencial or Video Call

What do we offer

- Mindset Sessions: Life Coaching

- Surf and Video Analysing Sessions: Coaching at the beach 

- Media Sessions: Guidance through social media to improve your surf career 

What DO we work

- Strong Mindset

- Improve the surf

- Be Self-Confident

- Steps to be successful 

- Be enthusiastic with surf career and goals

- Be health


Through exercises of Surf and Life Coaching the surfers will work their skills to get ready to fight for their goals and to be a successful athletic. 

Do you want to be a champ? Give an extra step forward. Start working your mindset! 

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